Due to the corona crisis, hand washing is more important than
ever. That is why we created a had wash assistant. This device
can be especially helpful in times like this. It teaches people
how to wash their hands properly and without any physical
contact to the device. It helps with spreading the virus less.
The system includes a screen with animated instructions on
the right hand washing technique. The hand wash system
detects with a sensor if there is someone who wants to wash
their hands and provides the correct amount of water and
soap at the right time. When the user is done with washing
their hands, a blow dryer will dry his hands.
The system can be placed above a water drain, or outside.
It can be used in countless of places like offices, homes
and schools. With this system water waste will be minimized
because the tap stays open only when your hands are
underneath, and only for the time required to wash your hands
(20 seconds).