I see design as a means to create an engaging experience that inspires people to explore new interests.


Passion forms the foundation of my work, guiding my design process as I choose subjects that deeply resonate with me. One area that captivates me is using my skills from film production in my design approach. I find fascination in the final stages of the design process, where effective communication towards external stakeholders is key. In these critical moments, it is necessary to convey the process and ideas that have been developed over time in a brief and convincing manner. I believe that conveying the experience of a design As a creative entrepreneur, I am constantly coming up with new ideas for projects. To run successful projects, I tend to make my strongest skills, like film production, key elements. However, I am eager to familiarize myself with new areas that can be added as layers on top of this basis. For example, I am currently developing myself in music production and working with programs like Touch Designer. Furthermore, my entrepreneurship within design is reflected in my perseverance in realizing my ideas and not being afraid to take risks or do things differently than ‘normal’. I will always remain critical and continue to work on my ability to reflect and learn from my mistakes.

I am someone with high emotional intelligence, meaning that I can resonate and brainstorm with my clients openly to get to know exactly what they want to receive. After empathizing with the client, I see a great value in adding a first-person perspective approach. I believe that designers need to be able to empathize 100% with their target user to come up with something that will truly resonate with them. To do so, I choose subjects that personally interest me. This allows me to build on my existing knowledge and to be motivated to learn more about the topics. I am convinced that enthusiasm and passion are essential ingredients for creating a project that one can be proud of, and that this is especially true in the field of design. I hope that my positive attitude challenges the people I work with to discover untrodden paths together.


I would like to use design to inspire or encourage people to discover new interests or passions. I find it frustrating to hear when people are hesitant about their jobs. In today’s society, I wonder why work is not yet seen as something you should have a passion for. For some, earning money remains the primary motivation behind specific career choices. This might stem from people not taking the time to listen to themselves and perhaps not being entirely honest about their true desires in life. For me, it’s a personal mission to pursue what I enjoy throughout my life and then find a way to earn a living from it. Learning to establish an independent business and the resulting freedom play a significant role in realizing this vision. My goal is to convey my passion for design and inspire people to look beyond their initial thoughts. Through this, I aim for users to undergo an experience that teaches them something about themselves and possibly gets them out of their comfort zone. I am particularly keen on continuing this dialogue to inspire others and enhance my learning. I draw a great deal of inspiration from individuals absorbed in a creative process, dedicating their lives to a project for a period of time. For instance, I find Bo Burnham’s documentary ‘Inside’ an inspiring example. While watching, you experience how he attempts to involve us in his struggle against COVID and depression. As he himself states, his focus is not on the final outcome while creating, but on the process. He operates purely from his passion, creating because it energizes him, without knowing the final solution. When I relate this to my design approach, I believe it revolves around the process of creation. It involves being willing to solve coming problems and deriving energy from this process rather than it being draining.

“Our goal is to bring nature and people closer together, beer is just a way to achieve it”

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