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Professional Identity

Professional Identity

I am a curious person with a passion for filming, who likes to know the finer things.

I am a designer who is mostly focusing on the best features of products. As a designer, I think this is a good quality to have when designing a product because I focus on what features a product needs. Combining the best features of different products to create a new product. That is why I am interested in the latest tech news. I keep an eye on the tech market and read reviews about a lot of different products. To achieve this I also find it important to have good communication with the user.

As a designer, I like to be involved in the last phase of a design process, in which the product is presented to the user. I have always been interested in making videos. That is why I am interested in several new ways in which I can get users’ attention. I believe that designers are looking for a “wow” effect from the users. I would like to create this by designing something unique so that people will remember and tell others about it.

Furthermore, I am interested in different clothing styles and I try to convey my identity through my clothes. I wear many colors and unique patterns. Partly because I started customizing my shoes, I try to convey the same “wow” effect on my clothes. My ambitions are to start my own company and bring my product to the market.