Hunt and Check

Hunt and Check is a game which makes it possible to play a game in the supermarket. In exchange for joining the game, customers earn extra free stamps for the current loyalty program. The idea behind Hunt and Check is to scan QR-codes with your phone through the supermarket. When you scan a code, your phone will tell you where you can find the next scanning code. Once arrived at the last scanning code, he will tell you that you can go to the display. On both sides of the display you can find a screen where the customer can select their favorite product.
When the customer selects the product for which they want to save, the hemisphere will turn to the chosen product. The hemisphere has two sides with a product on each side. The display is made so that when the product is selected, the inner part of the ball can be turned. The transparent part can open and close apart from the movement of the shelf. The interactive, movable system of our display allows the customer to take a closer look at their selected product. By the use of different sizes and using two sides of the hemisphere, lots of products can be showed in our display. There is also a lot of room left for storage.
Due to the moving parts and bright colors, the display will attract attention from the customers. Usually the most used shapes in a supermarket are rectangular. This will make the round shapes on our display stand out.

Why is Hunt and Check beneficial for CRAZE?
The supermarket rents a display from CRAZE for a longer period. Supermarkets are more willing to rent from CRAZE if the display is beneficial for them. The design is beneficial because Hunt and Check ensures that customers will stay in the store longer and also walk through the store more often. As a result, people will purchase more in the store, this will also make it beneficial for the store.
Because customers select the products for which they want to save, CRAZE will be aware of the favorite products and can easily keep up with the storage. This is useful to know for transport and storage.

A win for the supermarket and a win for CRAZE.