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I was always inspired by products and always wanted to know why and how they were made like this. This was strengthen and pulled to a technological side when I discovered the largest Tech platform in the Netherlands: Bright. I liked to watch videos in which products are reviewed. I became interested in making products myself and  I started thinking about which features in products could be done better.

Also, I have always had a passion for making videos. For example, I started filming my toys when I was a child and then showed this to others. When I was in high school I made several videos with a friend for school and for fun. (The movies cannot be watched, we weren’t concerned with copyright at the time). I always liked coming up with crazy products and presenting them in a “Tommy Teleshopping” way. I always thought it would be fun to come up with a product myself and presenting it in a professional way to a lot of people.

At the end of high school, I got the chance to play a promotional video of the school. This was a nice way for me to take a look at the professional film industry. (The video can be found here: As a result, I have had even more motivation to take this more seriously. I think that through this study I can fulfill my passion for inventing a product to presenting it.