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For the future, I plan to use my video editing skills for a more professional purpose. I mean to present certain products in the same way as current tech companies do now. For example, by shooting images with a better camera, it is possible to make a better quality video.

In my PDP I write that I want to focus on the user by performing more user tests. Due to corona, it was not possible to perform this test in real life. When the weather permits I want to perform a real user test as soon as possible. In addition, as I said before, I want to delve more into interested parties in a design process. I have noticed that these often contain valuable information for the design. When these are involved in the process at an early stage, there are

As mentioned before I want to expand my knowledge of what spoils materials. Until now I am used to making all my prototypes with wood or cardboard. By choosing other materials, a prototype can also get a more professional look, for example with 3D printing. This prototype can then be used to perform the user test.

I would like to join the squad of crafting everyday soft things because in my vision I want to make the clothes we wear more functional. besides that, I think it would be very nice to learn how to merge technical designs in the clothing world.